Bylaws of the Springfield HSA

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(Original ’81, Revisions: 9/82, 6/88, 3/91, 5/91, 6/93, 3/95, 3/97, 1/2000, 1/2003, 6/2007 02/2010, 08/2012, 08/2013, 8/2014, 9/2014, 10/2017, 09/2019)


  1. To create a link of communication between the parent and the administration/faculty/staff for the purpose of activities for the benefit of the students.
  2. To present educational/safety programs during meetings for the association members, et al.
  3. To raise money to be spent on/for the needs of the students and/or school and/or the Association.
  4. This Association shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan, and does not have the ability to make or change school policy.
  5. The organization shall cooperate with Springfield Township Elementary School to support the improvement of education in ways that will not interfere with the administration of school and shall not seek to control its policies. The public meetings are reserved for reading of minutes, budget information, unfinished business, new business, officer and committee reports and announcements.  Criticism of individual teachers, administrators, school board members and policies, or parents shall not be voiced in open meetings. Discussions regarding the above mentioned should be addressed with the superintendent of Springfield Township Elementary School in accordance with Springfield Township Elementary School Policies.


  1. Membership in Springfield Township Home and School shall be made available to any family member or legal guardian of a child enrolled in Springfield Township Elementary School and staff members of Springfield Township Elementary school without regard to race, color, creed, religion or national origin. 
  2. Members shall pay annual dues of $10.00 per family (the entire $10.00 dues will go towards class trips). The membership shall be from September to August and members may be admitted at any time during the year upon payment of dues. No one will be denied membership due to inability to pay dues. (Please see any H&S officers)
  3. Members are entitled to one vote per family and attend meetings and functions of the Association.
  4. Members will be responsible for any fee attached to a returned check.


  1. The estimate of Appropriated Funds shall be approved at the June Association Meeting for the following year. Appropriated Funds shall be as follows ASSEMBLY BUDGET $4,000.00; MAYFAIR/FUNDRAISING SEED MONEY $5,000; AND (2) $500 SCHOLARSHIP FUND TO NBC GRADUATE (must be a graduate of Springfield Township School, not only a resident of the Township). Note: Said funds shall not be accruable from year to year. ASSOCIATION SHALL “UNDERWRITE” CLASS FEES FOR (1) SCHOOL TRIP PER CLASS EACH SCHOOL YEAR, IN THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF $10.00 PER STUDENT, MAXIMUM of $20.00 PER STUDENT upon availability of funds.
  2. Funds can be disbursed upon approval at the Association Meetings. All receipts must be turned in within 30 days of the event to receive reimbursement.
  3. Expenditures of Appropriated Funds can be made by the Executive Board without additional approval of the Membership as a whole.
  4. ALL suggestions of expenditures (except those specified herein) are to be presented to the Home and School Association members for consideration and disposition. To maintain fairness and consistency all teacher requests for reimbursement need to be given to the liaison to be approved via vote by the executive board. Once approved the receipts need to be handed in within 30 days of the event in order to receive the reimbursement.
  5. Emergency expenditures not to exceed $150 can be made by the Executive Board without approval of the membership as a whole.
  6. Income from any home and school sponsored event must be counted by two (2) executive board members at the event. These funds must be deposited or given to the treasurer within five (5) business days.


  1. PRESIDENT – Shall preside at all Association/Executive Board Meetings (and provide Agendas for the same) unless specified otherwise herein. Appoints chair-people for all Committees and is general overseer of Association activities for the year.
  2. VICE-PRESIDENT – The position will be a 2 year term. The second year of the term will be acclimating the incoming vice-president.  Once vacancy will be filled every year unless both choose to vacate. Shall assist the President throughout the school Year & assume all duties in the absence of the President. Shall coordinate with the Executive Board all assembly programs for the school year, funds permitting. Shall coordinate the Kids Club after school program with teachers, Superintendent, and parents- funding permitting. Shall coordinate 6th grade graduation flower purchase and facilitate gift card purchase for 6th grade graduates.
  3. HOMEROOM COORDINATOR – The position will be a 2 year term. The second year of the term will be acclimating the incoming coordinator.  Once vacancy will be filled every year unless both choose to vacate. The elected will coordinate the lottery drawing for the Head Homeroom Parents at the September meeting. If a class did not have any parents sign up for Head Homeroom Parent, the Homeroom Coordinator will contact Homeroom parents and encourage them to sign up. They will serve as liaison between the Room Parents and the Executive Board. Compiles a list of room parents and student telephone numbers for every class Head Homeroom parents for emergency closings and situations. They shall organize and coordinate the Thanksgiving Feast. Coordinates 6th grade graduation activities with the 5th grade homeroom parents. Will coordinate a graduation committee of 6th grade parents to plan all activities with regards to the 6th grade graduation (i.e. dance, etc.). Homeroom Coordinator shall ensure refreshments are available at Home and School Meetings. Homeroom Coordinator shall be given $50.00 at onset of the school year to cover refreshment cost (i.e. coffee, sugar, cream, paper products). In addition the Home and School Association shall bear the cost of the annual Homeroom Parents Social.
    1. HEAD HOMEROOM PARENT(s): Two (2) Head Homeroom Parents per class will be selected by a lottery draw at the first Home and School meeting in September, and you must be a home and school member to fill this position.  In addition, you must be present at the drawing to accept your position. If you have more than one (1) child and your name is drawn twice, you have the option to pick which class you would prefer to be head homeroom parent.
      Each Head Homeroom Parent is required to attend four (4) Home and School meetings which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (when possible) at 7:00 p.m. per school year in order to get updates on upcoming events and to be eligible for the Head Homeroom lottery draw the following year.
      Head Homeroom parents coordinate parties and rotate the parents chaperoning each party and field trips.
      6th grade Head Homeroom Parents will organize the 6th Grade Dance with homeroom parents.
    2. HOMEROOM PARENT – Parents or guardians are eligible to be Homeroom Parents. Homeroom parents will be contacted by the Head Homeroom Parent to send in items for parties.
      Homeroom parents may chaperon field trips and parties as needed- if limited space (lottery draw).
      Are encouraged to attend H & S meeting.
    3. PARENTS – We encourage all parents to be supportive and join Home & School, but if you choose not to be a Home and School member but wish to chaperone a field trip or help out at a class party, please contact your child’s head homeroom parent and let them know of your interest. In the event that more parents than are needed volunteer for a certain event, your name will be placed into a lottery to determine who will participate. Once your name has been selected, you will not be able to participate in another event until all other interested parties have had a chance to participate. All members and non-members are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom per teacher’s request, for example: library, May Fair, Holiday Shop, Book Fairs and Family Fun Nights – with your participation and dedication, we will give our children more opportunities and make the school a place that we can all be proud of for years to come.
  4. SECRETARY – Shall maintain a record of ALL Association/Executive Board meeting minutes and present them readily available to the Membership at subsequent meetings. Shall handle ALL correspondence, including reminder notices to include topics of discussion for said meeting (if known) for Association/Executive Board meetings (to be sent home with students). Shall provide “Officer Election Ballots” when necessary (see Article V, Section 2 herein). Secretary shall provide attendance sign in sheets at each Association Meeting.
  5. TREASURER – Receives and keeps accurate records of money/funds (receipts/expenditures, etc.).Shall present statement of accounts at all meetings. Shall manage gambling license renewal and file licenses for held events in H&S Association book.
  6. EXECUTIVE BOARD ASSISTANT – Assists Executive Board members. In the absence of an officer (excluding President) will serve in said position. Shall serve as “Hospitality Representative”, greeting prospective Association members who become residents after the initial Association Meeting, and handling “Sunshine” duties. Shall provide initial Membership enrollment forms; maintain membership list. Shall coordinate Kindergarten meet and greet, staff luncheon, Administrative Assistants’ and Nurse’s Day gifts, sympathy and special occasion acknowledgements, etc.
  7. FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR – The position will be a 2 year term. The second year of the term will be acclimating the incoming coordinator.  Once vacancy will be filled every year unless both choose to vacate. Coordinator will set time and place to determine which Fundraisers will be set for the following year. Coordinator shall also be responsible for communicating with the Executive Board on scheduling. Shall be responsible for all fundraising events and appointing chair-people for fundraising events. Fundraising Coordinator shall keep records of all fundraisers, submit necessary building usage forms, and gambling licenses for said events.
  8. EXECUTIVE BOARD – Shall consist of the above positions, plus a Teacher Representative and the School Administrator.

Article V – VOTING


  1. Once a motion is made and passed by members, question will be asked by presiding officer. Voting shall occur by, yeas and nays, show of hand or ballot as determined by presiding officer.
  2. One board member and one volunteer member from the floor shall count the ballots.
  3. A simple majority decides the outcome of the vote.
  4. The president shall abstain from voting in the case of a tie.
  5. All teacher/ superintendent requested over $1000 must be presented with a proposal for members to review, and must be voted on using a ballot vote.
  6. Must be present at meeting to vote. One (1) vote per family.





  1. The Secretary will send out nomination forms to members in early April.  All nominees will be read at the May Meeting.  Nominees must be present to accept their nomination.  No further nominations will be accepted thereafter. Election of officers shall be held at the June Association Meeting.
  2. Election by Ballot shall be made when there is more than one nominee for Office. (Candidate receiving largest tally attains the position).
  3. New Officers shall assume duties as the last item of business at the June Association Meeting.
  4. Vacancies in office shall be appointed temporarily by the Executive Board. Election occurs, as needed.
  5. All elected Officers will be held to the same standard requirements of Head Homeroom Parents.


  1. Regular Association Meetings – shall be held during the following months; September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May and June. Members shall be advised accordingly in the monthly Home and School Newsletter and written notices/fliers of meetings will be distributed and taken home by the students.
  2. Executive Board Meetings – shall be held prior to every Home & School meeting. The Secretary shall notify all Executive Board members prior to the meeting date, whenever possible.
  3. Special Meetings – shall be called by the President of Committee Chair-person. Notice shall be given prior to the meeting date, whenever possible.
  4. A “Quorum” consists of membership in attendance; however, if less than 10 (ten) members conduct business, including the casting of votes on motions, names of all the voting (as well as aye/nay) shall be noted in the minutes.
  5. Only paid Association Members are eligible to vote or enter motions on any/all Association matters.


  1. These By-Laws may be amended or repealed by an affirmative vote of a majority of those present at a meeting of the membership called for such purpose. Note that By-Laws votes are permitted at any meeting where possible By-Law action has been duly specified in a Home and School Agenda and or meeting notice.


  1. The Sunshine Coordinator position will be held by the Executive Board Assistant. At the beginning of each year, a $500.00 Fund (excluding arrangements/donations) will be appropriated, to be used by the Sunshine Coordinator for the purpose of a written “Get Well” or “Sympathy” acknowledgement for students, parents/guardians, immediate family members and faculty of Springfield Township School, to include:
    A. Purchase of cards; if necessary.
    B. Purchase of stamps; if necessary.
    C. Purchase of a balloon or flower arrangement/donation (for a STUDENT, STAFF or BOARD MEMBER of Springfield Twp. School only) who is seriously ill, hospitalized, or for a sympathy acknowledgement. (One “Get Well” arrangement per student per year). Arrangements/donations are not to exceed $50.00 per arrangement/donation.
  2. During the course of the year, if an arrangement/donation needs to be sent, and exceeds the $50.00 amount, the Executive Board can approve purchase of arrangement without the consent of the General Association.
  3. All cards and stamps purchased during the year, but not used by the Sunshine Coordinator will be forwarded to the next coordinator.
  4. Any additions or exceptions to the above shall be brought to vote at General Association Meetings.